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Allison Canter

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I'm here. You're here. We might as well work together.

Let's make your big idea happen. I'm a Content Strategist specializing in copy + content writing, social media, and creative brand strategy. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!

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We should get to know each other ;)

P.O.V: You turn your obsession with how strangers perceive your social media profiles into a career.


What started as a matching Instagram grid and coming up with clever captions to convey a secret message became a professional advantage in creative strategy, aesthetics, content creation, trendsetting, and a knack for culture. I've spent the past few years helping brands have a glow-up via copywriting, blogging, CRM strategy social media creation and management, and PR. 

When I'm not treating content strategy like an intense game of Monopoly, I'm either blogging, on my 4th can of Diet Coke, thinking about Taylor Swift, or attempting to predict the future with my tarot cards. 

Ready to elevate your brand? It's your move, but I have a good feeling about this.


Artistic Direction

Social Media

Sale Content



I'm always (write)ing.

Flip through these blogs, you know you want to.

Wanna see more? Check out my personal blog or visit the Onyx + Rose Journal. Or, do both.

"That could've been an email." -Allison Canter

Told you I'm a Content Strategist. Here's content strategy for a product launch.

Brand Strategy

Last but not least...PR

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